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For the past 25 years and counting, SATIVALE MATHEW ARUN is
Malaysia’s leading law firm exclusively engaged and specializing in
maritime law. 

We strive for professional excellence in providing quality services to our
foreign and local clients, drawn from ship owners, P & I clubs, cargo & hull
insurers, off shore oil & gas operators, charterers, ports, exporters and

• Arrest of ships and enforcement of maritime claims
• Collisions and other casualties
• Carriage of goods by sea
• Carriage of goods by air
• Marine Insurance
• Ship registration and ship financing
• Ship building contracts and disputes
• Maritime joint ventures
• International sale of goods
• Palm oil arbitration disputes
• International arbitration and alternative dispute resolution
• Limitation of shipowners’ liability
• Marine safety and pollution
• Ports, harbours and related services
• Charterparty/bills of lading and cargo disputes
• Sale and purchase of vessels
• Towage, salvage and pilotage
• Multimodal logistics disputes
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